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Meeting The Island's Future Needs

The importance of a secure supply of local minerals is recognised by the States of Jersey and, as a result, minerals are a key consideration in the Island Plan.

Jersey relies on the ongoing review and development of an Island Plan to ensure future economic development needs are met. The States’ policy requires that a minimum of ten years of mineral reserves are provided for throughout the Plan. The plan is reviewed regularly and currently mineral reserves are well below that ten-year threshold. In order to address this shortfall, consideration must be given to potential new sources to ensure continuity of supply.

Vital source of materials

La Gigoulande Quarry currently meets around half the Island’s demand for ‘primary’ aggregates, supplying around 125,000 tonnes of granite each year. The quarry has long been an important source of local construction materials for homes, schools, hospitals and all other built development in Jersey.

Granite from La Gigoulande is unique on Jersey as it is 'non alkali-silica reactive', making it the desired choice for structural concrete. This is why for over 75 years La Gigoulande has supplied so many essential building projects, including: Jersey's Energy From Waste plant, Jersey International Finance Centre and Bellozanne Water Treatment Works.

Continuity of material supply

Continuing to meet the Island’s need for granite from local sources will require an extension at La Gigoulande Quarry. As part of the Island Plan process, an outline proposal for an extension into Field MY966 was put forward for consideration by the States Assembly. This proposal is not currently designated as a safeguarded mineral site in the Bridging Island Plan 2022 to 2025.

A series of technical and environmental studies are being carried out in Field MY966 over the coming months, such as taking water samples and monitoring the water table. These studies will help to inform any plans to extend the quarry in the future.

Under all circumstances, planning permission would be required for any development of the site and any future planning application would involve:

·      Comprehensive and detailed designs including a range of independent environmental assessments to address any potential impacts;

·      Widespread formal consultation to ensure all views are taken into account before a decision was made by the authorities;

·      Meeting stringent planning conditions as well as demonstrating the ability to operate to the highest environmental and quality standards.

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