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Granite Products Volunteer Day at Jersey Zoo

Granite Products take great pride in being a responsible neighbour within the local community and has been involved in many community projects over the years including sponsoring The Royal British Legion and having a ‘Poppy Truck’, creating

The team on Jersey also have a long standing association with Jersey Zoo having previously provided support to the Jersey Zoo by donating products such as the base of the parks meerkat enclosure and red river hogs enclosures and footpaths.

In their most recent community project, seven intrepid members of the Granite Products team spent their day helping to maintain the park’s enclosures, which in reality meant weeding and cleaning the primates living space at the zoo.


Jersey Zoo, which is the largest wildlife park on the Channel Islands and is set in 32 acres of beautifully landscaped park, is home to over 100 species of animal many of which are threatened in the wild. Acting as the headquarters for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (DWCT), which owns and operates Jersey Zoo, the park aims to provide a home for endangered animals and work towards preventing extinction and recovering populations of these threatened species.

Much of the work done by the trust at Jersey Zoo relies on sponsorships, donations, and volunteer work to keep the park running and the animals happy, and for many years Granite Products have been working with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to support this goal and provide an opportunity for employees to volunteer to work in the community.


Once the team had finished their ‘gardening work’, they were given a private talk by the primates’ keeper, where they learned about Macaque’s habits and individual personalities, such as their friendliness and sociability within their groups. 

Richard Diegan, Technical Sales Manager at Granite Products, said: “Spending the day helping at Jersey Zoo was great, we had lots of fun as a team and learnt a lot about the primates whose home we were cleaning! Thanks to the staff for letting us spend an hour at the end of the day to look around the zoo".


The Granite Products volunteers, from left to right: Jon Bennett, Explosives Supervisor; Harry Hindhaugh, Lab Technician; Scott Brennan, Electrician; Richard Diegan, Technical Sales Manager; Mark Brophy, Assistant Quarry Manager; Jannine Duncan, Management Accountant; Tara Jones, Administration.